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October 08 2017

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it’s winter here and it’s been really cold lately so all I could think of was zarya all wrapped up and warm in my fav skin of hers, her christmas emote and those darn cute plushes<< that have been going around for a while now

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The moment my dog (and husband) realized I was in the car beside him

Your dog and husband look so happy. Who the hell is that guy with glasses tho?



what’s the mood for october?

October 07 2017

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“7 дней… Ты не гладил меня 7 дней…”…

“Seven days… You haven’t pet me in seven days…”

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A&E when trying to figure out how to write season 7

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- Harry Hart - 


Edit: Now available as a print on Society6!

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October 06 2017

the photographer took pictures of this cat before and after calling her beautiful:


If you’re a fan of an actor and that actor says “hey please don’t do this or say this because it makes me uncomfortable and i really don’t like it”, and you continue to do what they asked you not to despite them repeatedly asking people not to, you don’t truly care about that actor and their feelings. If you get angry at an actor for speaking out against things that makes them uncomfortable (shipping them with friends for example!!!!), you don’t truly care about that actor and their feelings. What you really care about is whatever fantasy you’ve conjured up. Ok bye

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Really hoping someone at my doctor’s office is going to speak either Old or Middle English with me.


Your doctor, prescribing you a dead mouse, a pot of bile, some holy water, and five sticks: se betsta læcedom

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Buffy is my childhood, I never draw her but she will always be my favorite <3

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I hope you like host clubs, cat.

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he’s smiling!!!! 12/10 will brighten up your day


first day of college in media: “Please open up your textbooks to chapter three because I expect you to have already read the first two chapters in preparation for starting this class”

first day of college in reality: “We’re going to spend the next hour slowly and thoroughly going over every page of the syllabus because I strongly suspect at least half of you assholes don’t actually know how to read”

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steve i want an upgrade

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october moodboard

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