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October 24 2017

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Sailor Krypton  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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getting random sharp pain in your organs is a lot like when your check engine light comes on in your car. you dont know what it means so you just ignore it and hope you dont blow up

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Storm don’t play.

We all need to aspire to Storm’s level of pettiness.

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when you hear a super mutant suicider but sixty minute man comes on diamond city radio

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owo what’s this??

woody you know damn well it’s my huge cock




y’all know who you guys sound like when you say you hate children and they ruin lives

y'all in the notes saying shit like “oh thats me” or “sorry we cant all be neurotypical around children” are all dumbasses. just treat children with respect. you dont have to give birth or interact with kids daily but when you do come into contact with them treat them with some fucking decency and stop acting like its literally going to kill you to be nice to kids. the fuck is so hard about that

People who hate children disgust me more than almost any other group.

Children are blameless. They, as a demographic, have caused virtually none of society’s problems, and if anything have only inherited the problems adults have created for them.

Moreover, they are society’s most vulnerable demographic, as well as the most susceptible to assault and abuse.

Vocally hating them makes you a bully and a coward of the worst kind, and if you think it’s cool to hate children, you can go ahead and unfollow me right now.


im sick of having crushes its time for the tables to turn and ppl to have crushes on me!!!!!

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it just occurred to me that darth vader, master engineer, probably looked at the death star plans at some point and noticed the flaw, but didn’t bother to tell anyone about it because he despised everyone who was involved in the project

#krennic and tarkin: [die as a (indirect and direct, respectively) result of the death star’s flaw] #vader, who knew about that flaw and did nothing: unfortunate

October 23 2017

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Mechanical Wolf by Andrew Chase

Oh, daaaaaaaaamn. That combines several things relevant to my interests.

oh my god who fucking cares
— anyone who’s been on this site longer than 5 minutes (via fuck-benedict)


stop checking up on people who are no longer in your life




I’m……………the 1930s,


October 08 2017

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it’s winter here and it’s been really cold lately so all I could think of was zarya all wrapped up and warm in my fav skin of hers, her christmas emote and those darn cute plushes<< that have been going around for a while now

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The moment my dog (and husband) realized I was in the car beside him

Your dog and husband look so happy. Who the hell is that guy with glasses tho?

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