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February 04 2018



in bioshock you can hit a capitalist with a wrench

in real life you can hit a capitalist with a wrench

February 02 2018

February 01 2018

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This is how real teenage boys talk actually

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can waterbenders bend oil
can earthbenders bend glass
can airbenders bend sound
can firebenders bend mixtapes

Yes, waterbenders can bend any water based material, as shown when Katara bends ink (Book 3, Chapter 16, “The Southern Raiders”) and soup (Book 3, Chapter 8, “The Runaway”). so as long as the oil is water based (baby oil, cooking oil, etc) then yes. If you’re talking about oil like for a car, then no, they can’t, because it isn’t water based.

Glass is made of sand and earthbenders can bend sand (Book 2, Chapter 10, “The Library”) and furthermore earthbenders can bend the earth particles in metal (Book 2, Chapter 19, “The Guru”) so it stands to reason that they can bend the sand particles in glass. There is a question of whether or not they can still bend it because it is a very purified form of earth and another pure form of earth, platinum, is unbendable (LOK Book 1, Chapter 7, “The Aftermath”). However, when the sand is turned into glass it becomes crystalline (sand is mostly quartz particles after all) and we know earth benders can bend crystals (Book 1 Chapter 5 “The King of Omashu” when Bumi bends the creeping crystal).

Yes, airbenders can bend sound. This is shown when Aang bends sound by using his Appa whistle and extends the range of the sound (Book 2, Chapter 15, “Tales of Ba Sing Se”).

Firebenders can bend heat (Book 3, Chapter 6, “The Avatar and the Firelord”) which leads me to believe that they can not only bend fire mixtapes but can also control how fire a mixtape is by making it hotter.

Damn, pohlarbearpants did the research

so you saying anyone who can bend fire can become a dope rapper 

the first fire bender to release a dope ass mixtape

too soon 

1,953 years is too soon? @duncan-not

too soon

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You’re not sellin’ it! This is stupid! I’m just gonna walk up and get it! You go up there, he will kill you. Just stick to the plan.

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Anthony Hopkins as Loki impersonating Odin in “Thor: Ragnarok”

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#NoOffense but anyone else think its a little problematic that you kill people (including teenage girls and endangered animals) in ‘overwatch’ and nobody questions or bats an eyelash at what theyre doing :/ im just saying

Why are yall ignoring this lmao… too afraid to admi that you like something thats frankly kinda fucked up?

winston killed my family and stole my college tuition

Torbjorn set up a turret in front of my son’s room so that if he ever leaves it he’ll die

Symmetra set up all her turrets the hallway leading to my garage and now I can’t drive anywhere without going through the car wash

Roadhog saw me buying ham at the grocery store and he hooked me through 6 aisles and a starbucks

Sombra changed my wifi password and she won’t tell me what it is

Junkrat lit my lawn on fire and called me a cunt

Genji stabbed me in the chest screaming something about his brother then anime-ran away

Reaper set my alarm clock to Papa Roach and I can’t change it

OP is prime Anti right here n im dying

Hanzo is constantly perching on my roof ready to scatter arrow me in the legs whenever i come out the front door

McCree stun fan the hammered me while I was just trying to walk to the bus station

Zarya won’t stop benchpressing my car and is making me an hour late to work

Doomfist levelled my apartment and wont stop calling me @ 2:30am to ask if my fridge is running

Mercy stole all the food in my pantry and replaced it with bandaids. we are so hungry

Mei froze all my ramen and called me a cuck. broke all my soulcalibur records and replaced every snack in my pantry with her own brand stuff

zenyatta didn’t do anything, but i slipped on one of his balls like a fuckin dumbass so jot that down in the record

Pharah shot a concussion blast at my feet and knocked me into oncoming traffic

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   and to you,
if you have 
       with Harry
           until the

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Evening tea of ​​the supreme leader Snoke

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so like, nine o’clock?

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if anakin and padme had raised the twins

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Princess Laia and R2D2 papercraft fanart

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im late on this meme but…

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