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May 23 2018



akinator updated and i feel like i dont even know him anymore


youre not the man who bested me countless times in the arena of wits. youre a stranger. this victory is meaningless.



a resume is just a ref for your worksona

if this post makes you angry you should be angry at your boss not me

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what a reveal

Reposting or reuploading of my images on any website is not allowed. Permission will not be given. Video uploading is allowed only if you are not monetized. 

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now I’ve


the time of my life

May 22 2018



Bitch I sat here and waited like a dumbass!

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These little fruits are holding him down

free him

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The only Tony Stark at Tokyo Comic-Con


i just want to introduce everyone to this niche genre of postcards




Tbh the idea that German is an angry or ugly language is just French propoganda to divert attention away from the fact that French sounds exactly like when your dog is choking on some plastic wrapper he found somehow

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Well, I mean, Garfield does care

Anyone who’s ever owned a cat knows that they have thier own ways to show they love you

An often overlooked thing about Garfield is between the snark and schemes, he’s really a loving kitty

I guess these aren’t as memorable as the wackier strips

But Jon can always count on Garfield to make him smile when it really matters

And Garfield knows that Jon cares

I swear, my cat is the same way, the below picture is an accurate portrait of how it is to have a dog and cat the same time.

Theory accepted


It’s rare to see Garfield content on Tumblr that isn’t “Jon is a heartless monster” or “Garfield is some eldritch horror”


50% of the Spiderman 2 press tour is just gonna be footage of Tom Holland screaming because Jake Gyllenhaal is in his movie



Japan’s complete lack of understanding of declining birth rates in relation to its work culture reminds me a lot of how America has an assumption that millennials are killing industries when the truth is they are more frugal because of a lack of funds.

Both come from a conservative mindset that neglects the impact that a toxic work culture can have on society.

A 80+ hour work week in order to maintain financial stability isn’t exactly a solid ground to date people and eventually build a family from a healthy relationship.

A workforce comprised of 20 somethings that make between 20-40k a year in entry positions isn’t a good ground to build a reliable consumer base when a huge chunk of that is going to rent, utilities, car payments, and student loans.

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not to be horny on main but i wanna be loved









I hate when cartoons have a kid and the kid is a clone of one parent

Bonus points if the boy looks exactly like his father and the girl looks exactly like her mother

Double points if by all accounts that the parents are so physical different from one another that their children looking like the parent of the same sex should not be possible 

I love this movie but yo every time I watch this scene I get mad

Not gonna lie I actually had PJ and Pistol from good troop in mind when responding to you , Treasure planet didn’t even cross my mind

I honestly didn’t remember this problem in that show since I haven’t seen it since I was a kid and


To be truthful my thoughts went immediately to Scamp from Lady and the Tramp 2

It even has that same 3 sisters and 1 brother thing that Treasure Planet had

WTF Disney?!?!

This one is the funniest to me because it’s the most mentioned in the tags and I even hated seeing the pups as a kid and it’s just that one example that didn’t need to be mentioned but Should’ve because EVERY Person our age range saw these movies and we all thought the exact same thing

“What the fuck”

But we were kids so we didnt say “fuck”

shrek once again being the superior franchise

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